OMG Angle Heads



OMG North America offers the most complete range of multispindle heads on the market.

The OMG North America product line includes:

Angle Heads, Adjustable Joint Multispidle Heads, Variable Axis Heads, Spindle Speeders, Milling Heads and Specials.

Our range of products has been extended and upgraded:

  • TA series, angle heads
  • MO series, spindle speeders
  • HT series, revolver turret heads
  • VH series, variable centre distance multispindle heads
  • TSITSX series, gear chamfering multispindle heads
  • T series, universal joint multispindle heads

and where standard products are not enough, we can also offer a range of special products series MT, TCTC3TFS purposely designed and customized for various types of applications.
The most recent challenge of O.M.G. is named “BAH“, angle heads for big machine tools.

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