Steady Rest

Highest stability and precision

MD Tooling’s Sliding Driven Steady Rest is a useful accessory for the machining of long parts on CNC lathes provided with lower and upper turrets. The steady rest is activated by the turret via driven tooling power and developed to overcome interference issues on some machines and to work with the sub-spindle. The MD Tooling sliding steady rest is also equipped with wireless safety devices to control the “parking” position and the complete steady rest opening. The wireless positioning sensors are self-fed by an internal battery with a 5-year or a million cycle life.

There is no need for piping or rotating cables thanks to the self-contained hydraulic system and clamping pressure is regulated by means of a dedicated valve.

  • Easy to Set Up – Just bolt it on and it’s ready to use
  • Turret mounted self-contained hydraulic steady or follow rest
  • Roller arms are actuated by the live tool motor
  • Size ranges from 4mm to 105mm diameter bar size
  • Self-contained hydraulics remove the need for Hydrogen tank and plumbing
  • No need for expensive control interface
  • Accessories available for long part support for machining on many multi-turret CNC lathes.
  • Many models available
Steady Rest
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