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More than 3,000 tools in stock

MD Tooling maintains an in-stock selection of more than 3,000 live and static tool holders for most major machine manufacturers. Tool holders that are considered specialty by other providers are part of our extensive, standard selection and ready for same-day shipping. Rear-set, Inverted and Multiple Output are all standard terms in our inventory and we stock holders for all major live-tool turret lathes.

Up to 8 ER25 Spindles
Axial live tool holders with as many as 8 ER25 spindles in one tool.

Up to 60,000 RPM
Geared up holders to 60,000 RPM are available with external coolant or 1,000 PSI coolant through, as well as geared-down holders for lower RPM and more torque.

Adjustable Angle Holders
Reduce operations with adjustable angle holders.

Four Tool Static Holders
Static holders that hold 4 static tools in one turret station. You can rough and finish turn on the main and the sub spindles without ever indexing the turret. Fewer turret indexes save cycle time and saves wear and tear on the turret.

Radial and Axial
Radial and axial live tool holders with multiple heads.
Y Axis Holders
Y-Axis holders give added capacity to the turret.

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