Top Bar Feeders



Automatic bar loaders for lathes. Load and manage diameter changes in the shortest possible time.

Benefit #1 Lower Costs

The patented self-adjustable guide bushes system developed by Top Automazioni will allow customers to run the entire bar stock diameter capacity of the bar feeder with only one (1) set of guide bushes. The self-adjusting guide bushes are adjustable directly from HMI panel (mm by mm).

The bushes are made in vulcanized rubber [Vulkollan].

This patented system is a standard feature for the following bar feedeers: X-FILES-S, FUSION, INFINITY.

Benefit #2 Ready in 1-Minute

AUTOMATIC SETUP thanks to guide bushes automatic adjustment, setting the new diameter from HMI in ONE MINUTE.

Benefit #3 Perfect Bar Control

Bar feeder models X-FILES-S, FUSION, and INFINITY are equipped with fine to nine (quantity will change based on bar feeder length) self-centering guide bushes module. So, we’re constantly supporting both the bar-pusher and the bar every 250 mm/9.84″ during cutting process.

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